FrosandSuch Stage 1: The process of a project by Charisse Chikwiri.


For black women with kinky-coily hair, by a woman with kinky-coily hair.

Providing the knowledge and resources needed for women and girls to learn how to care for and feel beautiful in their natural hair.

Celebrating individuality, true diversity & inspiring carefree spirits.”


FrosandSuch is the product of me realising that the natural hair movement, created to empower black women, has become tokenistic and divisive. Many a time inclusivity is traded in for cliquey “you can’t sit with us” collectives of women who don’t represent us all as black women.

The problematic areas of the natural hair movement, are comparable to that of colourism. Fairer skinned women with looser curl patterns, tend to become the “faces of” the movement and are the ones who tend to end up working with brands on campaigns or collaborations. Their hair is generally more “acceptable” and palatable.

For those of us who don’t have curly hair, those whose hair forms tight coils that don’t bounce in the direction of the wind, where is the representation?

This has been created not only for representation, but to educate and truly empower by making the knowledge and resources needed accessible to all women, especially those with kinkier or non-“curly” hair types.

We had our first photoshoot on Tuesday 14th March (exciting!!!), and are in the stages of branding and defining the work that FrosandSuch will be doing upon its launch.
Below are some behind the scenes shots, taken by our incredible photographer Olivia Ema!