Feminist Internet Futures Studio: Biocapital and the female body

26th July 2017 6.30pm – 8pm


Central Saint Martins

Kings Cross


Critiques of capitalism often focus on the commodification and exploitation of cognitive labour, emphasising the ways in which we produce, reproduce and circulate ‘information’.
How do bodies, sexuality and experience generate forms of capital? How can we resist online sexism by building our own feminist spaces on the internet?
> Panelists:
CARLEIGH MORGAN, PhD student at Kings College London
DENISE ACKERL, PhD student at Chelsea College of Art
RAFAEL LUBNER, PhD candidate at King’s College London
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This event is part of a Seminars series exploring the research themes that 20 students and alumni from University of the Arts London will tackle while taking part in a learning experience brought by UAL Futures: the Feminist Internet Futures Studio.
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UAL Futures is an initiative by supported by UAL Learning and Teaching Exchange & UAL Careers and Employability.
*Please note that these events may contain discussion surrounding pornography and topics of a sexu@l nature. As such we advise attendees are over 18 years of age.