Feminist Activism in China

7th March 2017 6.15pm 



Khalili Lecture Theatre



Marking two years since her arrest by Chinese authorities, activist Li Maizi (aka Li Tingting) of China’s ‘Feminist Five’ is joined at SOAS by a panel of experts to share her activism experience, and discuss the current state and future of feminism in mainland China. Unprecedented in the UK, this is a chance to hear from one of the PRC’s leading activists and one of the most inspirational figures in global feminist and LGBTQIA+ networks.

Guest speakers include:
– Harriet Evans (Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies, University of Westminster)
– Ros Holmes (Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford)
– Tricia Kehoe (Phd Candidate, University of Nottingham)
– Monica Merlin (Lecturer, Christie’s Education, University of Glasgow)
– Xu Juan (Curator of feminist art collective Bald Girls)

This event is part of QA’s LGBT H’story month – STORIES A L’ ‘ORIENT’

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