F E A R :: The Exhibition

21st November 2017 6.30pm – 8.30pm

20 John Princes Street

F E A R // The Exhibition

Press Release

– Ready to face yours?
Fear is a negative feeling, a growing pain within oneself. It is an unavoidable emotion, one
which we do not want publically expose.
Fear has no shape.
Fear takes no form.
Fear has no bounds.
This exhibition curated by three LCF Media students will display various interpretations of
fear exposure through the medium of moving image.

Michele Fornera
Hegemonic masculinity dictates how to act, dress and talk like a man. Everyone talks about
being a real man, but what does it really mean? What happens when a boy is not masculine?
Moreover, is a boy born masculine or becomes in the process of growing up?
Discussions around gender issues have never been more apparent and the fashion industry is
always aware of the latest trend.
Many designers are trying to break down the gender boundaries with their garments, proving
that a piece of fabric can indeed make a revolution.
With many fearing that their appearance will lead to their rejection of society, this fashion
the film is a celebration of the feminine boy who is confident in his own skin and embraces his
femininity to its fullest.
Beware machos, this feminine boy bites back!

The story takes place in a mental hospital. An androgynous boy needs to heal from his
femininity and be cured in order to become “a real man (“The masculinization” treatment). An
evil nurse drugs the boy with pills and several injections of masculinity, while a virile
muscular man frightens him every night. At the beginning, the boy is reluctant, irrational and
aggressive but later becomes terrified and depressed. The boy escapes from the hospital and
goes to a cemetery. He decides to bury his past and all his fears His attitude has changed, his
soul is not broken anymore, he is not afraid anymore. Nothing and no one will ever change
him. He is what he is!