Exciting Events/Opportunities for UAL staff and students

A selection of upcoming events that may be of interest to UAL staff and students. Please spread the word.

For the Museum of London Late & The British Museum Big Draw, we would also welcome proposals from course groups or tutor groups, which could of course be lead and/or mentored by staff members. The Museums are keen to make links not just with UAL students, but also its talented and passionate teaching staff. We would love to have you on board in any way, shape or form.

For any general questions and queries, please feel free to email Laura Southall (Senior Events & Exhibitions Coordinator) on l.southall@su.arts.ac.uk.

1.     Museum of London: Our Londinium Late

(Taking place on 30 November, deadline for submissions 20 September)

The Students Union has teamed up with the Museum of London to create an amazing opportunity for you to be part of the Museum’s Late Night event on Friday 30 November 2012.

On June 22, the Museum of London opened a gallery reinvented by young people for the very first time. ‘Our Londinium 2012’ is the largest update to the Museum’s Roman gallery since it opened in 1994, drawing parallels between Roman London and the city today. To celebrate the unique collaboration between the Museum and over one hundred and fifty young Londoners, the Museum of London wants to stage a Late Night Friday event on Friday 30 November. In the spirit of the exhibition, this event is to be curated in collaboration with Junction, the Museum of London’s youth panel and UAL students.

The aim of the event is to encourage visitors to look, listen & create through separate projects, curated and manned by different student groups, dotted around the Museum’s floors. Projects could include: workshops, performances, interactive activities, radio shows, fashion shows, film-screenings, tours, installations, talks.

These projects should relate to:

  • The staging of a meeting point between contemporary vs. ancient London as explored in ‘Our Londinium 2012’.
  • Themes explored in the exhibition such as Power, Language, Belief, Style & Beauty, Industry, Trade & Transport, Home life & Fun.
  • The Late coincides with the Roman winter solstice festival ‘Saturnalia’ which often involved the practice of societal role reversal i.e. slaves became the masters of the household and vice versa.

Entry for project proposals is now open! To apply, follow the instructions below:

1.       Email your interest or any general enquiries to platform@su.arts.ac.uk

2.       We will reply with instructions on what your proposal should include and themes that you need to consider

3.       Submit your proposal to platform@su.arts.ac.uk by Sept 20th 2012

4.       All proposals will be considered by a committee and successful applicants will be notified well in advance of the event.

2.     British Museum: The Big Draw 2012

(Taking place on 20 October, deadline for expressions of interest 10 September)

The British Museum have asked us to curate a few workshops for their Big Draw event taking place all around the Museum on October 20th. The general theme is obviously drawing and illustration, in conjunction with a more specific theme of Shakespeare.

Firstly, we’d like to hear from any course leaders or tutors who would be keen to discuss the possibility of staging a themed illustration workshop and running it on the day with their students. The brief is quite specific, but if you are interested, please do get in touch with Laura l.southall@su.arts.ac.uk to discuss further.

Secondly, any courses related to drawing and/or illustration may want to encourage their students to attend on the day, not only to generally take part but also to support their fellow UAL students and potentially make some like-minded contacts that may be useful in the future.

3.     The Victoria & Albert Museum, Friday Late: Flying High!

(Taking place on Friday 28th September, 18:30 – 21:30)

As part of Freshers’ Week, some of our students will be staging workshops and trails as part of the Museum’s monthly Friday Late event. The theme is ‘Flying High’ and with the aim of getting the year off to a ‘flying start’, we’d really appreciate your support in attending the event as well as encouraging students, old and new, to come along too. We hope it will be a nice way to introduce new students to the type of opportunities we can provide, as well as introducing them to a fantastic cultural institution in London.

‘SUARTS airways’ will be taking groups of students to the V&A from both Blueprint bar on High Holborn and Darkroom bar at LCC, after an afternoon of warm-up create activity, including making special costumes for the night! More details will be available on the SUARTS website in due course.