Eton Mess: An Introduction.


Photo Credit: The Cocoa Butter Club.

Biography: EtonMess, a highly successful Eton alumnus, spends most of his time at member’s clubs (cannot be named) in Oxford with his club of fellow Etonians. His favourite meal of the day is pudding.

Fun fact about EM, he is 703rd in line for the throne.

EtonMess is a drag king I created in summer 2016. A drag king is known to be the opposite of a drag queen. However, I myself find this description too binary, and believe that drag as an art needs to be more fluid. Eton Mess to me is more of a clown character, imitating masculinity, wealth and whiteness.

I was very interested in the contrast between my body as a perceived brown woman and the white men who are seen as superior to me. It all started with a fascination with the stereotype of boarding schools such as Eton, where majority white male students who come from highly wealthy backgrounds like the royal family study, EtonMess was born out of curiosity about exploring how different my life would be if I had the complete opposite life, the lives that I would never have, but also despise because of systematic oppression.

Another big influence for me was an argument with a man on the underground. A man who dared to non consensually touch a friend, and when he was called out his response was: “You’re only angry because I make more money than you do.” Wage gap is a fact, but to compare one’s worth to the amount of money they may be unable to make because of systematic discrimination, specially as a woman of colour, being discriminated by both race and gender, I was left baffled.

I will never have the status that a rich white man has in this world. Because I never hope to fit into any of those categories. But EtonMess for me is a way of showing my displeasure with the system that is in place, which allows a segregation of class, gender and race. But also the play on words, Eton Mess is an English dessert, this plays on the ideas of British values. EtonMess a brown body in white face walks on stage to the National Anthem, covers himself in cream and meringue to make his body as white as possible, but by doing so, he’s also ruining a very English dessert, and dismantling British Values.

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