Discipline specific guides on embedding equality and diversity

The Higher Education Academy’s Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum project has today published five discipline specific practitioner guides for embedding equality and diversity into learning and teaching experiences and environments.

The 2010 Equality Act, and Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) legislation within it, requires a new way of approaching learning, teaching and assessment in higher education so that equality and diversity is embedded rather than being seen as an add-on. These guides offer objective and practical guidance on how to do this within a disciplinary context so that all students are able to reach their potential, to feel included in their learning journeys and to become diversity competent.

Each guide focuses on a specific discipline, and includes:

current state of play;
theories and strategies around embedding equality and diversity;
case studies of UK and non-UK learning and teaching activities that embed equality and diversity;
guidance and advice on taking embedded equality and diversity forward in learning and teaching practices.
The disciplines covered are art and design, classics, education, physical sciences and social work. However, the principles they contain will be of use to all subjects and practitioners of learning and teaching in higher education.

The guides can be read online here.

Further information on the HEA’s Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum project is available on the website here.