Dear young girl


Dear “young girl”,

I write this to you from one young woman, to another young woman.

Only 19, but life has aged your soul at a faster pace than average.

Your walk, your talk and your demeanour exude maturity and experience.

Well versed in the languages of accountability and independence.

Mama taught you to “have your own first”,

Dad told you that “anything you work hard for will be yours.”

Both so you may never depend on a man.

Your fairy-tale bubble was burst a long time ago.

You know and understand the harsh realities of life.

You have seen the highs and the lows of love.

Intelligent, curious and inquisitive.

Complex in character, pure in soul.

Quick to adapt and open to new ideas.

Comfortable with being alone.

There are few things that life hasn’t thrown at you.

But listen young girl,

I know you hate being called that, you are indeed a woman.

Even as a woman,

Love changes everything you thought you once knew about yourself.

Highly strung and vibrant like the young girl Pharrell sings about falling in love with.

You gravitate towards men older than yourself, or they gravitate towards you.

Hov’ warns about taking on someone so advanced in romance.

Yet a man on your wavelength is something you can’t compromise on.

When you meet the first man to touch your heart.

The previously hidden sides of you that will emerge may shake you.

New and unfamiliar emotions may arise.


The experiences and memories you share with this man may evolve you.

You may hope that it never ends.

And having that sort of hope in someone may cause anxiety for you,

but be free.


Don’t rob yourself of today’s joy, for tomorrow’s uncertainty.

You are wise young woman; your wisdom will guide you.

Trust in your intuition.

Remember to love yourself first.

Everything you need is already within you.

Hold on to your core values.

Your integrity is not to be compromised.

And neither is your joy.

May love treat you well, young woman.

At its best, it is much like the songs you’ve sung all your life.

The connection, the understanding, the sharing and the stimulation.

The random smiles and the butterflies.

The joy and the pure friendship.

Truly understanding someone, and having them truly understand you.

This is level of vulnerability may be new to you.

You don’t have to fear it.

Be free, young woman.

To feel, to love and to share.

Be free.