Dear Diary: My Shades of Noir Experience (Part 1) – Michael Ukaegbu.

Photography by Jay Lee.

In this piece, I’ve chosen to share my shades experience so far, in the format of a diary.

November 27th – January 24th.

Dear Diary, 

It’s been two months since I started my role as a content developer for Shades of Noir. That may seem like nothing to most people but in this short amount of time, I already feel like I’ve grown so much. My professional skills: my writing, time management, and organisational skills have all improved so much in a way that I feel University couldn’t teach me. The way I live and view life has changed greatly also, I’m more open to change and learning has become something I’ve grown to love. Sitting through our events, reading posts on our sites and talking with all the great individuals on the team has taught me so much. With great role models like Aisha Richards (our founder) and Melodie Holliday (our editor) who are practically oozing out advice and support, I am constantly motivated to push forward and try my best to excel in life and just be more productive with my own endeavours also. Through Shades of Noir, I’ve been able to finally get my writing out into the world, my confidence has growing with each written post. I’m able to write about topics and issues that are important to me in a variety of different creative ways. Through short stories, scripts, diary entries, literally anything and everything; improving practically every aspect of my craft. Shades has given me what I feel my course at University lacked: freedom from a position of trust. It’s a safe place where we can voice all of our opinions, pose questions, challenge ideas and I’m extremely grateful that.  I somehow managed to become a part of this great team. Since I haven’t been with Shades for that long there really is not that much more for me to say about my time here. However, I’m very excited to see what the future holds. I feel that the possibilities for Shades are endless and I’m excited to see what we’ll do in the upcoming fourth phase.

So Diary, that’s all I really have to say, I just want to thank Shades of Noir for everything it’s given me and will give me. I think of Shades as a teacher, a colleague and most importantly a precious friend. A friend with whom our relationship is still continuing to grow, so diary until it’s grown some more, I bid you farewell until then.

Your friend, Michael.