Danielle Scott-Haughton – Contributor 2016


Danielle A Scott-Haughton is the 27 year-old creator, writer, director and producer of the multi-award winning web based drama series “Dear Jesus” and its spin-off “The Alexis Show.” Produced by her production company WONDERLONDON FILMS “Dear Jesus” ran for 4 seasons while “The Alexis Show” ran for two. Having won Best Short Feature at the Jamaica International Film Festival in 2013, after 42 episodes, “Dear Jesus” won Favourite Web Series at the Screen Nation Digital Awards in 2015. The end of the two shows were announced shortly thereafter.

Born to Jamaican parents in London, Danielle was educated at the University of Arts in London, Danielle A Scott-Haughton graduated with a BA Honors degree in Broadcast in 2010 and worked as the video director at fashion and lifestyle magazine SUPER SUPER where she produced videos for fashion and music brands Reebok, BoxFresh and Boy Better Know.

SUPER SUPER magazine folded at the end of 2010 forcing her to work at her family’s Jamaican take-away. In 2011 she started WONDERLONDON FILMS and began building her own brand. Inspired by the success of Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl” and British Web Series “Venus Vs Mars” and “Brothers With No Game” in 2012, Scott-Haughton created and self funded “Dear Jesus.”

Currently development assistant for Bryan Elsley (creator of “Skins”) and Harry Enfield at their Indie production company Balloon Entertainment, Danielle has also secured her first broadcast title of script coordinator on an upcoming coproduction for Netflix and Channel 4.