CSM Show 2 Feature 5 2015

Central St Martins offers a wide range of courses that produce and involve many great designers year after year. We had the pleasure of attending Show Two this year and present our feature 5.

Yuxi Sun // Jewellery Design & Story teller 

62 Pendants. 62 Stories

Yuxi Sun’s personal collection explores the traces our interactions with others have on our lives. She develops unique forms based on experiences she’s shared with guests who have stayed in her home over the last year. Using a systematic formula, each piece reveals details of the visit, the season, the person, the length of their visit. Every pendant- each made in carefully selected woods- bears witness to the mutual trust that has made this collection possible.


Yizhu Fang // Material Textiles Designer 



Can we combine traditional Chinese craft techniques with industrially manufactured materials to create innovative future artifacts and design outputs?

Known as “China’s Ancient Bronze Capital”, Tongling is a traditional Chinese city famed for it’s prolific deposits of mineral ore and it’s industrial mining, smelting and processing of copper and bronze.

As one of the world’s leading producers of industrial Copper and Bronze, Tongling has become extremely prosperous and has seen a vast growth in both it’s population and industry over the last decades. However, despite this rapid growth in mining and associated industries, there has been an almost complete decline in its ancient metal handicrafts and artisan metalworkers. At the same time, some traditional meaningful customs were disappeared.

Through this project, I am interested in how we can utilise Tonglings industrially produced minerals and metals to create valuable craft artifacts which have deep meaning to the local people that once again celebrate Tongling’s rich cultural herit-age and preserve it for future generations.


Evangeline Pesigan // Furniture Designer

Philippine Craft in Design


Pesigan explores a collaborative making process that connects design to artisan craft cultures to generate new furniture. An embodiment of contemporary ideas inspired by cultural influences from Philippines, the work highlights a sophisticated hybrid of heritage and modern production methods that celebrate culture and community within a changing global landscape.

Based on an abstracted and functional structural frame enclosed by a secondary layer characterised by unique qualities from Philippine traditional dwellings and basket weaving. Features include fluid forms and dynamic interwoven lines in local materials such as sustainable tropical wood, rattan, abaca mixed with metal, veneers and synthetic weaves.

By engaging artisans to contribute to the development process, Pesigan helps foster meaningful collaborations that advocate uniqueness of design and quality of craftsmanship. The result is a shared experience, experimentation and knowledge exchange of craft techniques distinctly defined by Filipino identity.


Yumei Tang // Jewellery 

Jewellery Lives for One Day


Time is colourful.

Capture the traces of time.

Inspired by the observation of the colors of daylight in 24 hours, Tang seeks to build up a relationship between color, the changing nature of objects and changes in time. The colors of this set of jewellery came from the sunrise and sunset shot by the designer during one day in early spring 2015, at the Greenwich observatory. The semi-natural lacquer was used to capture the subtle change of daylight, and the shapes of the color plates came from the morning glory—the flower that change its colors through sunlight in one day.

People can choose different pieces of time by select the color they like to create the different the combination of rings, earrings and necklaces and to feel the sense of time in a playful, enjoyable and natural way.

Hailey Chan // Material Textiles 

Material Choreography


How can material inspire choreography?

The aim of this project is to create materials and textiles that can inform or inspire choreography. Attempting to negotiate physical body movements with material movements through constricting the body. Through material sampling and documenting movement, I aim to abstract dance movement, which can then inspire choreography. Through this project I hope to explore the relationship between choreography and material design and specifically, how costume and performance art could work in parallel.


Jacqueline Ngai (jcyngai@gmail.com) 

The process of melting


In this project I was inspired by the five-element theory of Chinese philosophy – Wuxing , I was looking for the relation between Fire and Metals , From the research I have slightly changes my idea to looking for the way of objects melting. I have done lots of different experiment on seeing how objects can be melt from solid to liquid and forming back to solid.

The process of melting was very interesting, by seeing how they form to different shapes and the colour changes has given me lots of inspiration. So then I start to collect different metals and plastic to transform to different shape. Using this selection of metals and plastic, I have taken pictures and scan them when I move them; it came out with lots of interesting effects so I use the pictures for the digital printing.