Music doesn’t expire, if anything it constantly renews itself. Every time you listen to you discover something you hadn’t before, you attach new meaning and new memories to each line. Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ might have once been just a pretty love song, until you got heartbroken and then it became a soundtrack to your lonely nights.

So yes, we’re still talking about Solange because ‘A Seat at The Table’, is an album that in my eyes will never not be relevant.

Anyway, today I’m revisiting the ‘Cranes in The Sky’ music video, directed by herself (Solange Knowles) and her husband Alan Ferguson. I want to talk about the dresses in their video and their significances. One made out of pink paper, another pink plastic, one made of large green leaves, one made out of unravelled yarn and another gold tinsel.

Okay, Charisse, well what does this mean? Each of these dresses represents making the most out of what is seemingly nothing. They represent making the most out of the resources available to you. They represent finding beauty in the simplest of things and creating a platform for that beauty to shine. What these pieces say is “what you have, and who you are, is enough”. Not only is it “enough, but it is brilliant, it is excellent”. These visuals are the perfect partner to a song that tells the story of a woman trying to escape from the weight of the burdens she carries. The burdens of which are the bricks she carries in this last picture…