Christopher Lutterodt – Quarcoo – Teaching Within 2016

Self professed ‘Cult Storyteller’ Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo works as a designer, director and writer. His interests and background in film, art and politics are linked through his affinity for intricate narratives revealed through an experience of a specific individual or psyche. Typically materialised as installations using cinematic devices and religious conventions allowing for the presence of reverence and the ineffable.
In 2016 he founded ‘Archive of Unmaterialised History’ (AUH), a nomadic institution blurring the lines between fact with fiction. It’s intention is to critique, expose and inform the audience about the Omissions, Voids and Inaccuracies of history, offering alternative manifestations to what is considered factual and true with no distinction between the two. 
In addition he formed ’The Adversary’ as a commission based research practice, formulating ‘Scenarios of Embodiment’ to critically engage with alternative perspectives of organisational agendas or strategies. Their work has seen them engage with civil servants to philosophers, operating under the motto ‘Before you create it, you must know how to maintain it by learning how to destroy it.’
As of September 2016 he has become a Featured Columnist for online publication Shades of Noir, releasing weekly articles under the title of ‘Emerging Journal’ offering an insight into the harsh realities of emerging within the creative sector in the space of an academic year.
He holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art and a BA Hons in Design for Interaction & Moving Image from the London College of Communication. All the while being an internationally exhibiting artist and designer, award winning filmmaker and writer.