‘But This Here, Is Mine’ Braiding Workshop


Facilitated by: Tiffany Webster, Charisse Chikwiri and Rachel Young from Open Barbers

What does the way you style your hair mean to you?

Whether it is an accessory, a statement, a testament to your culture, a journey or an easy way to pin it back; hair-styling serves many functions. In the black community it has provided a platform for cross-generational learning, socializing, expression and self-identification.

For example, women who will often gather in groups, and use the occasion to swap stories, skills and knowledge. Providing a space where younger members of the family are able to listen to stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.

This informal DIY workshop aims to explore our natural hair journeys, self-care rituals, beauty practices and traditions. We will exchange skills, tips, tricks and learning methods. All three facilitators are self-taught, and like most of you, have a story to tell…