Border Tales, The Place

With an engaging blend of dance, dialogue and live music, award-winning Protein returns to The Place with a new slice of social commentary.

Treated with trademark physical and verbal wit, Border Tales looks at multi-cultural living in the UK seen through the eyes of the characters on stage.

Silvestrini turns his sharply satirical gaze to stereotypical thinking, tolerance and where lines are drawn between ‘them’ and ‘us’.

Seated in the round to bring you close to the action, a cast of international dancers and local performers will entertain and provoke you with this amusing yet poignant look at how we perceive ourselves and each other.

Awarded Best Independent Dance Company at the 2011 National Dance Awards following its internationally successful production LOL (lots of love), Protein is known for high-quality distinctive and accessible dance theatre. The LOL creative team is back together for Border Tales, which includes a new score from composer Andy Pink.

Watch some images from behind scenes of the show:

Border Tales opens on the 25th February and ends on the 15th March.
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