Black Girls Picnic

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August 21 & September 4

Black­­ Girls Picnic is a casual event and gathering for and by ethnically Black women of all ages. The first event was held in London’s Regents Park and organised by accomplished activists Chardine Taylor-Stone, Kayza Rose, Monroe Bergdorf and newly-established collective Noinbetween on July 26th. Black Girls Picnic is a concept of Chardine’s born out of a desire to create a space for black women to positively affirm each other instead of coming together in times of grievance which has become all too usual in the rise of brutality against our community.


Roxene Anderson photography

The event is designed to celebrate black women in all our forms, for this reason inclusivity is a high priority; the event is trans-inclusive and run by mostly LGBTQ women. We also want to promote a strong community which is also why we encourage families and all ages to attend for an inter-generational exchange on what our womanhood means to us.

At our first picnic in London we had an attendance of over a hundred black women, some who came by themselves and travelled from outside of London in search for a safe space. Activities throughout the day included an opening speech by Lady Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah, an African head wrap demonstration, a craft circle, adult colouring and a beautiful chanting call and respond session by Angie Amra Anderson.  The event runs on a DIY ethos, which allows for a wonderfully calm environment that allows people to be as active and involved as they like.

Ashanty, Mia, Kayza, Chardine, Enam

Roxene Anderson photography

The reaction to this event has been remarkable as it has become clear that spaces like these are so desperately needed and in response to popular demand two further picnics have been planned. On August 21st will be bringing Black Girls Picnic to Birmingham and September 4th will be our second London event.  To keep up with our growing movement or for more information, like the Facebook page or email


Photography done by Roxene Anderson


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