Black Fashion Week

A preview of the region’s best African American designers, stylists, barbers, nail techs, make-up artists, models, photographers, and a number others that work in the wonderful world of beauty.

There will be a series of events hosted at several locations, and sponsored in part by local businesses that support the African American hair and fashion culture.

Events are to include hair and fashion shows, competitions, music, performances, and much more, all while honoring the top industry leaders for their contributions and commitments to serving our community.

The purpose of BLACK FASHION WEEK is to recognize and award the “Image Makers” who are responsible for making black fashion, hair care, beauty, and style what it is today.

Although African Americans make up over forty percent of the spending in a 9 billion dollar beauty industry, they have been severely underrepresented in mainstream media, corporate, and retail outlets. Resulting in a missed opportunity to expose their products, and increase awareness in regard to their talent.

BLACK FASHION WEEK aims to provide a much needed platform for individuals to display their work, potentially reaching otherwise untapped major markets.