“Because they can’t…”

If you were on Twitter earlier this week you may have seen a question our dear old friend Piers Morgan tweeted out to the public. As expected, the question drew outrage from the Twitter world and pretty much everyone but the select few. I don’t understand what his deal is if he just craves controversy or likes trending but this tweet really got to me. Why do Kanye’s millions of white fans need to sing the n-word? What does them not singing it take away from them? Does it ruin the song for them? No, because when the clean versions are playing on the radio they’re still in their cars getting turnt.  My answer to the question is simply no, and I don’t really feel the need to explain why. If people don’t understand why then they should go research for themselves, or maybe rewatch those slave films they always vote for at the Oscars.

As always when something big happens in the world, or I see something that requires a conversation, I take the conversation straight to one of my group chats or one of my friends, and that’s exactly what I did this time. I decided to share a couple opinions from conversations with my friends on the matter, here are their responses:

“Because they can’t…”

“Kanye can say it because It’s our word now, we took it and made it our own, white people can’t have it back, they can’t say it. Tbh It’s not even that deep, there’s like how many words in the dictionary, tell em take their pick.”

“This is the problem. An old white man telling black people what they can and can’t be offended about. An old white man trying to take the ownership of the word nigga and give white people a free pass to say it. An old white man whose ancestors most likely used the word to degrade black people. It’s OUR word. White people have one job: don’t say the word “nigga”. But as an old white man, Piers Morgan’s white and male entitlement has consumed him and caused him to share his irrelevant opinion on the matter.”

“They don’t want to catch these hands”

“I think Ice Cube worded it pretty nicely, have a listen”: