Ayham Jabr

Dear Reader….

Like what Oscar Wilde said, ” All art is quite useless.” I can’t be more honest than that…I am sorry, but you will not find any art that can heal your pain or delete your bad memories or ease your sorrow or even bring back those you have lost. And by any chance, you find yourself in peace for example in any art piece you view. You should accept it, embrace it then let the journey suck you down the rabbit hole.

Ayham Jabr


The Lord Of Failure

If you claim you can change things and make everything right but you don’t, that makes you a failure even if you’re a god. The Lord of Failure.


The Clear Message

I do not believe that refugees are terrorists even if some may believe in some extreme ideology.

Each person is responsible for their own actions as an individual only, not the actions of their cult or society.

They blame religion for acts of terrorism, so then what is the cause for wars and economic sieges?


Internal Landscape-Syria Destruction

Each time I walk by a destroyed building or alley that was once so beautiful but has now been reduced to ashes and rocks, I feel like this is not my country, not my home. I often get confused and question if it’s all real.


Damascus Under Siege

A fleet of martian spacecrafts besieges and surrounds Damascus, the oldest capital in the world. They state, “We Came For Peace”, yet their coming ends in their total annihilation.


Along For The  Dream

The journey of life is filled with, memories, sorrow and hope. Ask the bottom of the mediterranean sea.