Arts Sisterhood Art Therapy Workshop 

31st January 2017 6pm – 9pm 


Camberwell College of Arts

45-65 Peckham Rd


This event is part of the ongoing series of Arts Students’ Union Wellbeing events!

Arts Sisterhood UK Presents: Art Therapy Class for UAL Students!

This workshop is a safe space for women and non-binary people to express themselves creatively and a chance to receive praise, validation and positive encouragement for your work in a light-hearted and supportive environment.

All materials will be provided, although you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own and experiment. A fifteen-minute break will be provided half-way through the class.

This class will be a place where you can:
– Be safe and accepted. Including all women, women of colour, female-identifying, nonbinary and trans women.
– Express yourself creatively to suggested emotive themes.
– Feel comfortable with whatever level of artistic ability you have. Beginners, experts, and inbetweeners welcomed!
-Receive validation, praise and positive judgment for your work
-Have the chance to express your emotions artistically in a light-hearted environment
-Gain the opportunity to socialize with other creative like-minded women.

This is a peer-led group developed and facilitated by volunteers with an interest in creativity and mental health to meet a need in the community. We are not trained therapists so cannot offer professional psychological support at the class, however, we are advised and supported by an accredited psychotherapist. Our team will, of course, be on hand for peer-support throughout the class.

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