African and Caribbean Literature is Magical

There is a new publishing house in town, which will be specialising and distributing original and uninhibited African and Caribbean literature. I sat down with with the founder of Kamaria Press, Grace Kabeya,  to find out more……

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What inspired you to set up your own publishing house?

Publishers are the distributors of knowledge. They decide what hits the shelves not only of our stores but also of our minds.

Wow, powerful statement, I never thought of publishers as gatekeepers before. It is true though,  people of colour can not be mentally emancipated if they are reading literature from a western,  hetro-normative perspective

I agree, I feel like an African and Caribbean presence is lacking in the world of publishing however, it is time for an influx of something fresh. African literature is extremely multifaceted. It provides narratives that have the potential to completely change the global literary scene and the minds and hearts of the readers, not only the indvdiuals who are from an African or Caribbean heritage but from an array of backgrounds.

Girl, You sound so passionate…

Yes! African writers are bursting at the seams with ideas and African works of literature are proof that when minds meet paper: magic is created. What we need to do now is get this magic to the front of bookstores; promotion is everything at this point.

Ah, promotion is key! How do we get more young people reading though?

We need to write material relevant to the times. Kamaria Press’ first anthology scheduled for release this December has specifically chosen topics that will strike a cord with today’s young generation. Keep it relevant, keep it popping. Also the distribution channels have changed- technology is a young mind’s best friend. We need to cater to this scene.

Word is,  you will be keeping it popping at Kamaria’s Press launch party, can we have the details?

Of course- This a moment of celebration and would love to invite you and all readers. The launch is called: Literature as Bright as the Moon,  It will be held at University of the Arts London,  on the 20.11.2015, 7pm. Tickets are available here.

Yaaaay, we are so excited to be invited. Lastly, what books should our readers be reading in 2016 and why?

Thank you Grace, I will be checking out a few of those titles myself. See you at the launch and good luck.

Bee Tajudeen

Content Developer