A Summer of Cardi B

We can confidently say this summer was owned by Cardi B, her smash hit record ‘Bodak Yellow’ has been blazing through the charts at an unstoppable pace.. From stripper, to Love and Hip-Hop personality, to rapper who nobody cared about, the rising star of rap has now now become the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to have a song hit number 1 on the charts; no features. If that’s not a great underdog story then I don’t know what is.


From the beginning New York native Cardi B has been mocked by ‘haters’ and been looked down upon due to her past as an exotic dancer, they said she sounded stupid, judged her for having plastic surgery; and generally just threw any insult they could fit within Twitter’s character limit her way. Throughout her journey however, Cardi was always herself, a confident woman who didn’t let the haters put her down , focused solely on her goal. Not allowing anyone to deter her from her intended path. I think Cardi’s success is a very important thing for the community, especially for women; she illustrates hope that if you work hard you can be acknowledged and rewarded. If people judge you, work hard. If people think you’re stupid, work hard. If someone looks at you as a failure, as If you should be ashamed of yourself, work hard. Cardi proves that hard work can get you out of any situation. As long as you put your heart into something, and don’t give up even when the world seems to be against you, you will one day have your chance.

What especially made me happy about Cardi’s success is how it somehow brought the hip hop community together, people rallied behind Cardi, we worked hard as a community and championed her, all mutually wishing her success and thankfully, she pulled it off. You even had legends in the community showing their support of Cardi. Here’s a clip of Janet Jackson dancing to Cardi’s song whilst on her tour :


We haven’t seen this type of success for a female rapper since Lauryn Hill in 1998.  After nearly 10 years, imagine that. Even if the haters win and Cardi becomes a one hit wonder, in my opinion she’s still placed herself in the history books. I think she affected the culture in a positive light; she showed us that if we band together we can win, she showed us how strong we are united as a group and I think she’ll stand as a figure for the women in places like strip clubs who are looked down upon and told they won’t amount to anything. Although many deem Cardi as someone we shouldn’t support as she isn’t a good role model; you have to think of it this way. Cardi has always been an advocate for self-love and confidence within herself and her actions, she’s always worked hard and strived towards being successful and achieving her dreams. Not all role models come in the same shape and sizes, like with everything, there’s a variety. There will be many girls who were told they were too dumb, or weren’t pretty enough to be successful now looking at Cardi B thinking that if she did it, they can too; which is important. It also helps that ‘Bodak Yellow’ is genuinely a great song, arguably even the anthem of the summer.

I’m happy for Cardi B and wish her all the best, I’m excited to see what direction the culture will shift in now that we know how powerful we are when we unite.