5 black online businesses to start supporting in the UK

As a follow up to the previous piece of Black Owned Business to support in Peckham. I’ve created a short but sweet 5 Black Owned Businesses to support online, all located here in the UK. ‘Support can take many forms, not just in the form of financial investment or money, but in spreading the word; in encouraging others to visit the businesses; in sharing a picture on social media.’ It may also be in recommending to a friend to get you as a birthday gift or a possible future Mother’s Day Card, whatever the reason or occasion, be sure to check them out and tell a friend. #BOBUK

BonitaIviePrints @bonita_ivie

African print stationery


Bonita Ebuehi – owner and designer of Bonita Ivie Prints, based in London. Is a self taught graphic designer of 3 years, with a background in architecture. Bonita Ivie Prints opened in January 2017 as a result of a lack of diversity in stationery design.

‘As a self-professed stationery fanatic, I discovered that majority of designs from major retailers just didn’t appeal to me. I decided to create a range of products that women like myself could identify with.[..]I love that African prints usually incorporate elements from nature and I’m excited to create more designs that draw inspiration from my surroundings and celebrate my African heritage.’

AleroJasmine @AleroJasmine


“My fascination with interesting textures and prints and love for expressing my vibrant dynamic culture is projected through every piece made.’’ Alero is often the name given to first daughters of Itsekiri (a Nigerian ethnic group) families. It means that good things are to follow or that the foundation to blossom has been set. This is highly befitting with the overwhelming support I have received for ALEROJASMINE. Thank you for allowing me to create sentimental pieces, thank you for embracing my bursts of creativity.” – Creator of AleroJasmine, -Aasiyah

INOIR @_inoir_


‘Inoir was founded in 2016 in London by designer Duo Assamara and Chanelle, Inoir’s signature melanin apparel is the hot new product empowering the man and woman of colour. Created from a sense of raw feminine attitude, INOIR embodies a unapologetic attitude of confident sensibility that merges minimalist silhouettes with intricate details, that translates into a understated collection.

The collection 
has an alluring sense of energy that seeks to inspire.  

Motivated by the black lives matter movement, music, fashion and art the Inoir brand is continuing to grow in a very positive way.’


New Maroons @New_Maroons


‘A small design company founded by designer Kieron Haughton. We design and sell Greeting Cards, Gifts and Instant Downloads to make “yu belly buss” or “laugh” in this case! As a designer Kieron always wanted to produce things that can be admired, used or seen by families and their friends. However, he’d like to put a “likkle” twist to celebrate certain occasions! Let’s do it Caribbean style!

For the designs, we take inspiration from life, the “tings” that we get up to and various sayings that we always read and hear, the people we meet and the music we listen to (obviously with a “Tallawah” blend!).’


DorcasCreates @dorcascreates


‘A finance grad with a love of fashion, illustration and all things crafty.

A lot of care goes into each piece I make, they are literally made with love! I enjoy being crafty and creative and am happy to be able to share my passion with you. Ships world-wide’